Questions About Faith

everyone has questions — what are yours?


The Questions About Faith blog is my attempt to answer some of the questions I receive about my faith.

Some of the posts are original articles, some are adaptations of my posts on web forums, and some are links to other folks’ stuff.

I have to admit that I have no credentials — and I certainly don’t know everything — but I have lots of resources and will try diligently to find answers.

So feel free to poke around and see what’s here:

why believe?  why should i believe in anything other than the tangible world around me?

what to believe?  what should i believe?  how do you know?

how to live it?  how am i supposed to actually live this faith, rather than just think it?

how to share it?  now that i believe in something, why and how should i share it with others?

how to defend it?  how can i defend my beliefs using logic and the bible?

what about science?  does science disprove or support faith?  is science enough to explain everything?

other religions?  what about all the other religions in the world?

read the bible?  how do i pick a bible?  how do i understand what i read?

other resources?  are there other resources that can help?

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I hope you find all the answers you seek,

~ Sunny   (more about me)

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