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About Sunny

My name is Sunny Snaith. I’m from just outside Atlanta, Georgia, but currently live in northeast Alabama with my three cats (Butch, Lil’ Bit, and Pepper) and my retired mom. Yes, I am aware that, since #ofCats>#ofHumans, we are officially the crazy cat ladies on the street — but it’s a happy sort of crazy.

I typically work as a Bookkeeper, Office Manager, or Administrative Assistant (office resume) but was also a Professional Math & Science Tutor (educational resume) and even performed Astronomy Research and Programming (astronomy research).

I love to travel and consider myself a semi-professional travel companion. I’ve visited most of the United States, most of the major US National Parks, Japan, Canada, and The Bahamas. One road trip was a 15-day, 5,000-mile circle around the western USA. Still left on my must-see list:  The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, The Galapagos Islands of Ecuador, and the Louvre in France.

I’m a certified nerd (majored in Astrophysics and Math) and enjoy taking personality tests. My personality profiles include:

  • Myers-Briggs/Keirsey: INTP, The Architect
  • Enneagram: Type 5, The Observer, and Type 9, The Mediator
  • Multiple Intelligences Top Three: Logical, Visual/Spatial, Naturalist
  • Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 Top Five: Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Input, and Intellection.

I’ve had a webpage since the dawn of the Internet, circa 1994, back before Yahoo and Google and Facebook — back when the only web sites were for the government, universities, and a few corporations. I got that first webpage as a reward for some Renegade Grammarian activity.

My current personal website,, has been horribly neglected, becoming part of the World Wide Cobweb. I have a wide range of interests so I decided to transfer most of my website material onto several themed blogs for different audiences (see below). Unfortunately (for my blog visitors), I spend more time pursuing these interests than posting them on the web.

The Sunshine HTML Resource is a quick-reference guide I created for myself and is best suited for those already familiar with HTML.

My Other Blogs

Sunshine Study Notes

A collection of my notes from college and some study materials I’ve created for my tutoring students over the years. You can browse by subject: Study Skills, Math (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus), Science (Astronomy, Physics), Language (English, Spanish), Art, History (Birth of the US), Other Notes. Or jump directly to the Recent Notes.

So Says Sunny — Sunny’s Soapbox

A blog for my opinions and rants. I have sections for Life, Personality, Faith (moved to next blog), Science, Politics, The FairTax, and Miscellaneous Topics. You can also jump directly to the Recent Posts.

Sunny Designs

A blog for my designs and ideas. You can browse by section: Art, Fashion, Jewelry, Food, Homes, Furniture, Photography, Writing, Forms, and Other Stuff. Or, jump directly to the Recent Designs.

Sunny’s Stories — Photos & Stories of Sunny Snaith

A virtual scrapbook of my various trips, stories, and photos. I have sections for my Travels, Events, Life & Home, Family, Pets, and Me. You can also jump directly to the Recent Stories.

Hmmm… Stuff — Fun, Funny, Interesting, and Strange Stuff

A collection of cool stuff I’ve collected over the years and I’ll add more as I run across it: Viral faxes, text emails, images, websites, videos, quotes, jokes, essays, games (computer and not), etc. You can browse by my reaction: Fun, Funny, Interesting, Strange, or just Stuff. Or jump directly to the Recent Stuff.

All My Blog Activity

Check out my SoSaysSunny RebelMouse Page for a mash-up of all my blog/social activity.

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